Parable of the Sower


The Book of Matthew, Chapter 13, records Jesus telling a story about a farmer who scatters seeds in a field. Some of the seeds fell on the footpath and were snatched by the birds. Some fell on the shallow and rocky soil. Though they grew, the roots couldn’t get a good hold and the plants withered in the sun. Some fell in the thorns and were choked out.

But the seeds that fell in the rich dirt reaped a great harvest.

Jesus goes on to explain these examples. The growth of the seed is an analogy to message of the Kingdom. Those that hear the good news and ignore it are the seeds on the footpath. Those that hear the good news and find joy for a little while, but fall back to their old sinful ways are the seeds in the rocky soil. Those that hear the good news, but let the lure of riches and lust take hold are the seeds in the thorns. Those that hear the good news and let it take over their life are the seeds in the rich dirt.

I wrote this song as I was reflecting on this parable. To plant my roots in something that I could grow deeply in required that I trust that Jesus laid down his life for me — so that I may reap the benefits of growth in and through his grace.

I know this doesn’t mean that every day we will experience profound growth. I understand sanctification is a process, but implicit in Jesus words lies the truth that we must nurture and care for his work in our lives. An unkempt garden will never flourish. We must keep a watchful eye out for the weeds creeping at the border. Jesus will rip the thorns and sin from our life and we must surrender and dig in — if, that is, we desire to bear a harvest 30, 60 or 100 fold for His Kingdom. He is already at work in us, and will, by his grace, continue this powerful work for his glory and our good.